#694: 60L Aquatic Garden The river

Harold Peralta Ramos LIMA, Peru

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 35 cm
Title The river
Volume 60L
Background Cartulina blanca
Lighting Luz Chihiros serie A
Filtration Mini canister sum sum
Plants musgo crismas
musgo peacok
musgo java
musgo fissidens
musgo riccardia
anubia nana pettite
anubia nana pinto
bucephalandra wavy green
bucephalandra copper leaf
bucephalandra catherinae mini
bolbitis heteroclita baby leaf
eleocharis sp mini
micranthemum monte carlo
cryptocoryne parva mini
cryptocoryne parva
hygrophila araguaia
juncus repens
hydrocotyle tripartita
hydrocotyle verticillata
hydrocotyle leucocephala
alternanthera reineckii mini
hygrophila pinnatifida
micranthemum micranthemoides
ammannia gracilis
rotala blood
rotala rotundifolia
rotala vietnam
Animals Paracheirodon innesi
Puntius titteya
Materials Sustrato neo soil , Rocas Mountain , Raíces
Additional Information Fertilizantes Neo Solution micros y macros, arena cilice , representación de un río con pequeños Troncos y raíces con mucha maleza al rededor
Hello everyone, it is my third participation in this prestigious contest, I am not a professional or amateur photographer, I just hope you like my aquarium and I hope this time to receive your letter, because the previous ones never arrived, regards

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