#698: 22L Aquatic Garden Max’es Nano

Maximilan Lobza The Woodlands, United States


It's a shame that we cannot properly assess your aquascape without a proper front-on shot of your tank. Next time please try to get a straight front photo of the tank. If you do it at night and turn off all other lights in the room you can get a shot without reflections!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 23 × 24 cm
Title Max’es Nano
Volume 22L
Background Black paper
Lighting Unknown
Filtration Internal generic filter
Plants Bucephalandra unknown, Java ferns, Bolbitis/ Bolbitis heudelotii
Microsorum pteropus and Microsorum pteropus narrow
Animals Chili Rasbora 6, Blue Neon Rasbora 6, Panda corydoras 6
Materials Local TX hardwoods, most lilely oak
Additional Information Maximilian (then age 9) set the tank up 13 months ago on his own; I (the father) helped with the substrate and with plants he chose. He chose the fauna too.
The additional 2nd thru 5th images had been cropped but not edited otherwise

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