#700: 240L Aquatic Garden ...till death do us part.

Marita Hannele Kivioja Siilinjärvi, Finland

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 40 × 50 cm
Title ...till death do us part.
Volume 240L
Background none
Lighting Juwel Helialux spectrum
Filtration Oase biomaster 600
Plants Various crypts
various mosses
rotala mexicana goya
rotala periya
staurogyne repens
microsorum trident
hygrophila pinnatifida
helanthium tenelleum green
anubias nana paxing
hydrocotyle verticillata
blyxa japonica
elecharis montevidensis
potamogeton gayi
nymphea gardenriana santarem
Animals Sawbwa resplendens
Dario sp. myanmar
Materials Tropica aquarium soil, Black lava rocks, talawa wood
Additional Information 2 trees have been standing together forever, now one of them is dying. Slowly leaning, eventually falling. The other one is trying to grab the falling one, but it is evidently too late. They have been standing together and now death will depart them. Red plants represent blood, the backround is dark and mysterious. It is like before a storm when clounds gather above... to visualise the emotion of loosing your lifetime partner.

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