#712: 48L Paludarium Ungasan Valley

Ni Made Dewi Sukmawati Denpasar, Indonesia


Great looking upper section. Would have liked to see more plants in the water area. Perhaps cover the flat parts of the driftwood on top with some plants to give the overall scape a more natural look.
— John Tran
Beautiful mix of plants in the land portion of the aquascape although something with stronger color would have been a nice addition to the paludarium. Although I believe the wood was supposed to impart an impression of the trunks of trees extending to the sky the blunt cut of the wood detracts from the overall layout. Also the lack of development of the plants in the underwater portion affected the overall layout.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Ungasan Valley
Volume 48L
Background Mius foam
Lighting Chihiros wrgb 2 30cm
Filtration Back sump filter
Plants Weping moss, starmoss, mini buchepalandra, anubias petit, minifern, angguran plant, tenelus, bulbolium mini orchid,
Animals Amandae fish
Materials Cemara laut root, lavarock,
Additional Information Moss Forest Inspiration when i hiking at Abang Forest . Some like Jurasic Park or Kingkong jungle, thats amazing because small tank with difficult detail.

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