#717: 1705L Paludarium The Balangan

Ni Made Dewi Sukmawati Denpasar, Indonesia


The scale of this is amazing. Would have liked to see more development in the water section
— John Tran
Beautifully designed land portion of the paludarium with a good mix of colors and textures. Your use of wood really creates some depth in this paludarium that would otherwise be difficult with a hexagonal tank. Unfortunately it was difficult to see what the underwater portion looked like and some photos to see the development of the underwater portion would have made judging easier.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 110 × 62 × 250 cm
Title The Balangan
Volume 1705L
Background Mius Foam with Cocopied
Lighting Kandila spot Light 7 pcs
Filtration Sump Filter
Plants Cryptanthus pink, cryptansthus brown, weping moss, javafern, kadaka, mini orchid, monstera adansonii, swisscheese, fitonia green, fitonia red, peperomia, echinodorus, pandanus pygmaeus, anthurium white, anthurium crystallinum, sirih gading, anubias Nana, Anubias coffee, Buchepalandra, Nympea, cryptocorine Brown, Cryptocorine Green Gecko, Sagitaria Subulata,
Animals guppy, Molly,
Materials Agung Wood, Lavarock, Turli Rock Yamaya Sand
Additional Information Inspiration by Rain Forest At Abang Mountain Bali, with Rain,Misting and mini waterfall.

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