#720: 25L Aquatic Garden Relax

Steven Nguyen Thu Duc City, Vietnam

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
I love the very natural peaceful feeling of this layout. It is a shame that there is algae on the sand in the front. This is something that could have been cleaned up before the final photos were taken! On the plan side your use of wood is masterful the chunky wood and its placement makes it look like this is a massive tank rather than a very little one. the use of very tiny fish and appropriately sized plants helps sell this story.
— Karen Randall
Very dynamic vigorous layout.
The driftwoods are in evidence in contrast with the delicate curtain of Eleocharis vivipara in the background.
The void in the golden ratio could be more evident closing more consistently the curtain of Eleocharis on the left side. The frontal plane is very well crafted and dynamic just a few algae on the gravel.
Good use of shades and excellent choice of fish.
— Andre Longarco
This artwork presents an abstract and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of driftwood creating a dreamy atmosphere that resonates profoundly. It's a mood that many would love to replicate—an ambiance worth emulating. Personally I believe that adding slightly thicker driftwood might enhance the overall feel although the current appearance is already exceptionally beautiful. As per the concept it truly evokes a sense of undulating waves providing a relaxing experience during contemplation. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of art.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Relax
Volume 25L
Background White decal
Lighting Led Chihiros A-Series A401
Filtration Sunsun HBL 801
Plants Eleocharis vivipara; Echinodorus Tenellus; Bucephalandra; Fissidens splachnobryoides; Taxiphyllum alternans 'Taiwan'; Microsorum Pteropus Petite;
Animals Boraras urophthalmoides
Materials JBL aquabasic plus, ADA aqua soil Amazonia
Additional Information The underwater scene always makes viewers feel relaxed, with blades of grass swaying in the water, truly wonderful.
That's why I motivated me to implement this idea.

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