#64: 38L Aquatic Garden

Mark T. Upton Heber Springs, United States


A healthy environment. It isn't easy to create an environment with a balance between planted and empty space. I would simplify the line of the substrate.
— Wim van Drongelen
This is another tank that would benefit from larger groupings of fewer species of plants for a stronger design. The growth of some of the stem plants looks weak and there is quite a bit of algae on the gravel. The betta does not look to be in peak health. He looks a little thin and ragged. Still it is a pleasant little community tank.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 51 × 30 × 25 cm
Volume 38L
Background None - open both sides
Lighting 2x15W fluorescent
Filtration Regent HOB for 5-10g aquariums.
Plants Amazon sword, Hygro difformis, Hygro polysperma,
Java Moss, Rotala indica, Cabomba, Water Sprite,
Ludwigia repens, Floating Anacharis
Animals Guppies (10), Betta (1), Ghost Shrimp (20)
Materials Substrate - Gravel with laterite mix, Rock, Java Moss covered driftwood
Additional Information No substrate fertilizers, Water column: Yamato Green,
CO2 - Flourish Excel

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