AGA Aquascaping Contest

Welcome to the Third AGA International Aquascaping Contest.

Focusing on aquascaping in freshwater and brackish aquaria as well as paludariums, this event has been designed as a forum for both display and learning. Aquarists of all ages and experience levels were invited to submit their work. 63 entries were judged, and as you're about to see, quality was stunning, even better than last year. In particular, I beleive the availability of good digital cameras has finally provided the means for the aquarist to really showcase their best!

Before you view the entries, I'd like to personally thank our judges, Roger Miller, Detlef Hupfeld, and Chuck Gadd. This year all three judges are former or current contest entrants (Roger received an honorable mention for his entry in our 2000 showcase, Detlef won best of show last year, and Chuck entered in the paludarium and illustration categories this year (judged only by the other two). Heck, even I, the organizer, decided to get into the fray and enter an aquascape this year.

I'd also like to thank our volunteers, most notably: James Purchase for giving a kick-start, Dave VanderWall for his great PR work with the aquarium societies, and Tony Baker for proofing the entries.

--- Erik Olson
10 November 2002