Aquatic Garden, <70L


The judges had some widely differing views on this category far more than any others. Keep in mind when looking at these that the largest entry is 16 gallons (60 liters) and the winner is only six gallons (27 liters)!
— Erik
First Place
Garden in Box
Alex Kawazaki
Second Place
Mini Tetra Garden
Vincent Chan
United States
Third Place
Old Tree
Wolfgang Amri
Honorable Mention
Hillside Paradise
Chung Lai Cheng, Sean
Hong Kong
Honorable Mention
Office Tension Tamer
Ellen O'Connell
United States
in the shadows
rachel lusby
United States
Anubias and Moss in Harmony
John Wheeler
United States
ramirezi garden (Phantom's 10-gallon)
Kenji Murokami
United States
Joe Courtney
United States
Seeking Sustainability
Andres Ferreyra & Carlos Messina
United States
A Little Green
Mary Alice Kropp
United States
Jacian Ho

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