#105: 1274L Biotope/Natural Aquaria Malawi Slope

Mike Senske Houston, United States

Awards and Comments

First Place
This is a very interesting tank. I don't know enough about the Malawi slope to comment on the selection of fish. A quick check on the geology of the lake suggests that the rocks these fish evolved with were probably not slate.
— Roger Miller
Hope the fish enjoy the nice spot from the halide
as I do! Please rearrange the small foreground stones. Otherwise very well done!
— Detlef Hupfeld
This tank is striking. Coming from my my planted tank background this is very unique and eye-catching. It's obvious why some call African cichlids tanks "Freshwater reefs".

But as attractive as the tank is I think it doesn't capture the look and feel of an actual part of Lake Malawi. The bright white aragonite sand looks more like a salt water reef than an African lake.
— Chuck Gadd

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 76 × 91 cm
Title Malawi Slope
Volume 1274L
Background black paint
Lighting 1-6-foot VHO fluorescent fixture with 2-110 watt bulbs
1-Halide pendant w/175-watt bulb.
Filtration wet/dry + Eheim 2260 canister.
Animals Yellow Labidochromis, Cobalt Blue, Yellow-top Kimpuma, Hap. moorii, Deep Water Haps, Demasoni, Aulonocara species (Peacocks).
Materials Green/Blue slate, Aragonite sand.

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