#87: 1323L Pond Backyard Water Garden

Mary Alice Kropp Londonderry, United States

Awards and Comments

First Place
Please try to cover the sourrounding stones with mosses or whatever is suitable to give it a more
natural feel.
— Detlef Hupfeld
A very nice selection of plants. It provides the viewer with lots of textures and levels of plants to look at, from the floating plants right at the water surface, to the taller lilys, to the very tall reeds.

The rock border around the pond stands out more than I like. I like to see the border look more natural. But it's definitely a matter of personal taste, since some prefer a more formal border.

The pond itself doesn't blend well into the rest of the yard, but the lush planting still gives a good overall first impression.
— Chuck Gadd

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 213 × 152 × 46 cm
Title Backyard Water Garden
Volume 1323L
Filtration TetraPond PF-2 filter,
Pondmaster Mag-drive 700 pump
Plants Nymphaea sp.- Pink tropical water lily,
Elodea densa- Anacharis,
Ceratophyllum demersum- Hornwort,
Nympnoides aquatica- Banana lily,
Pontederia cordata- Pickerel rush,
Phragmites ausralis- Common reed,
Hydrocotyle umbrellata- Water pennywort,
Typha lamanni- dwarf cattail,
Canna sp., 'Scarlet Tiger',
Eichhornia crassipes- Water hyacinth,
Zantedeschia aethiopia- Common calla lily,
Alisma subcordatum- Water plantain,
Marsilea sp.- Water clover,
Scirpus sp.- Common bulrush,
Phragmites autralis 'karka'- Striped reed
Animals Butterfly koi (1),
Fantail Comet (1),
Blue Calico shubunkin (1),
Various baby fish in different stages of growth
Materials Liner is PVC,
Waterfall and border are flat bluestone
Additional Information Most plants are potted in Schulz Clay Soil Conditioner and get Pond-Tabs for fertilizer once a month during growing season. Water hyacinth is floated on the surface of the pond, and hornwort and anacharis are scattered across the bottom. Muriate of potash added weekly.

Most of the potted plants have been in the pond for 2-3 years- they get overwintered in the basement in plastic boxes. The fish stay outdoors all winter, with a heater in the pond.

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