#35: 648L Aquatic Garden SALAD BAR

Hendro West Jakarta, Indonesia


Nice healthy growth but the placement of plants seems a bit arbitrary. And while the big 'Rubin' is an impressive specimen it totally dominates the tank in its dead-center position.
— Karen
It is certainly a salad bar! Very impressive list of plants. The rubin in the middle of the tank is an impressive specimin. Although the number of plants are impressive they could stand to be thinned out a little and pruned/shaped. Also the sword would be much nicer offset towards the left or right in the back of the tank and the foreground needs to mature. Nice looking tank.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 60 × 60 cm
Volume 648L
Background -none-
Lighting Metal Halide 3 x 150 watt Philips MHN-TD
Filtration Canister, one AZOO CF-1500 and one EHEIM 2213
Plants -. microsorum pteropus
-. microsorum pteropus "windelov"
-. microsorum pteropus "narrow leaves"
-. microsorum lexus
-. anubias barteri
-. anubias barteri var nana
-. christmass moss
-. aponogeton undulatus
-. nuphar japonica
-. alternanthera reineckii "lilcina"
-. alternanthera reineckii "rosaefolia"
-. ammania sp.
-. eleocharis parvula
-. cryptocoryne becketii
-. cryptocoryne wilisii
-. cryptocoryne wendtii "brown"
-. cryptocoryne wendtii "green"
-. cryptocoryne cilliata
-. cryptocoryne pontederifolia
-. cryptocoryne balansae
-. echinodorus tennelus
-. echinodorus uruguayensis
-. echinodorus bleheri
-. echinodorus radicans
-. echinodorus maior
-. echinodorus amazonicus
-. echinodorus x rubin
-. echinodorus rose
-. echinodorus ozelot
-. nymphaea lotus "zenkeri red"
-. pellia endiviaefolia
-. bacopa caroliniana
-. bolbitis heudelotii
-. ludwigia arcuata
-. mayaca fluviatilis
-. rotala rotundifolia
-. rotala macrandra
-. ludwigia peruensis
-. rotala walichii
-. hygrophila difformis
-. valisneria spiralis
-. valisneria americana var biwaensis
-. blyxa aubertii
-. blyxa japonica
-. cyperus helferi
-. lysimachia nummularia
-. sagitaria subulata
-. eusteralis stellata
Animals sae, harlequin rasbora, pristela, white cloud mountain minnow, discus, ottocinclus, taiwan shrimp, puffer fish, black neon tetra.
Materials Couple of driftwoods, tied up with various kinds of java fern. I'm just using silica sand as my substrate, mix with dennerle, and aquabasis from jbl. Sometimes I inject those Jobe's spike into substrate.
Additional Information I add 1 teaspoonful of Potassium sulfate and 1/2 teaspoon of Magnesium sulfate at each water change, which done once in a week about 50%. I also use Tropica Master Grow and Azoo Plant Nutrients. My lights on for 10 hours each day and connected to a digital timer. I'm using high pressure tank for my CO2. It's a 5 kg tank.

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