#121: 15L Aquatic Garden Low-Tech Nano

Faruk Gencoz Ankara, Turkey


If there was a third group of Anubias and the existing two groups where not as close to each other this composition will look much better I think.
Fish are distracting and they will grow just a personal point of view.
— Luis Navarro
I love your little row of tanks thanks for sharing that shot! You have done a lovely job with just two species of plant and some nice wood. The baby swords are a nice splash of color for now and I'm sure you know that eventually they will have to move elsewhere.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Low-Tech Nano
Volume 15L
Background no background
Lighting 30 watts 6500K flourescent enlightening 4 X 15- liter-tanks
Filtration no filtration, weekly 25% water changes
Plants Vesicularia ferriei, Anubias barteri nana
Animals 4 Xiphophorus helleri (swordtail) fries
Materials boiled root pieces of the bushy plants like thyme gathered from the field
Additional Information NPK + trace dosing once a month;
no substrate;
no heating;
no CO2 nor excel;
the aquascape is curently 5 months old, thin root pieces have not decayed.

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