#14: 70L Aquatic Garden The Forgotten Recess

Dimiter Rashkov Rashev Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Your "canyon" is very effective in drawing the eye in and through your layout. I also like the lighting effect you have chosen for the photo shoot. The areas where your layout falls down slightly is the foreground. In places it is so dnese and compacted that the viewer can't see what's going on. Otherwise I like your combination of a very "planned" feature like the canyon with a layout that looks very relaxed and natural.
— Karen Randall
I would like to make a remark about the plants in this layout and hwo are they use.
The Cryptocorine where planted in the back using them as back ground making the tank look much deepr than what really is. Also the use os H leucocephala is actullay very good! I don't get to see an aquascape with this plant looking this good.
The 2 section are well done and perhaps the use of some plants could just be avoid when they don't complement the layout by this I mean the Blyxa and the Anubias; I can hardly see them.
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 65 × 27 × 40 cm
Title The Forgotten Recess
Volume 70L
Background lighted white cart.
Lighting 2 x 18W T8 + 2 x 20W E27
Filtration powerhead Atman AT-F 102 in cell (DIY overflow)
Plants 1.Anubias barteri var. nana; 2.Blyxa japonica; 3.Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green Gecko"; 4.Hydrocotyle leucocephala; 5.Microsorum pteropus; 6.Riccia fluitans; 7.Vesicularia dubyana
Animals Ancistrus dolichopterus(2); Rasbora heteromorpha(7); Crossocheilus siamensis(2) and various small snails
Materials black gravel, accent - river sand, rocks, wood
Additional Information Substrate: soil, clay, black gravel; CO2: DIY system (Natural fermentation); Fertilizing daily: white "Crystalon", Fe 2+, K2SO4; KH=11, pH=6.8-7, t=24°C

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