#16: 75L Aquatic Garden New England

Andrew Cribb Brooklyn, United States


A lovely tank that is truly reminiscent of my native New England woodlands in spring. Particularly the lush "ferny" undergrowth. I think the tank still has a little way to go though. The stem plants on the right need a chance to catch up and fill in to balance those on the left better. Just be careful not to let the moss and Hemianthus get overgrown while waiting for the stem plants to fill in... They are perfect now!
— Karen Randall
I like the idea of allowing the moss and the HM to work as a foreground plants. The moss side is overgrown I am sure if it was just a little more thin in the front it will look much better.
The back right is also rather thin I would like to see more density on the L aromatica to have even more contrast and a more defined 3d look.
I really enjoy your tank! and watch that helper of your's she may win a contest soon!
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 62 × 32 × 42 cm
Title New England
Volume 75L
Background Clear glass
Lighting 5.5 watts per gallon; 110 watts 9 hours per day.
Filtration Eheim 2224
Plants Rotala rotundifolia, Limnophila aromatica, Anubias sp. petite, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Taiwan moss.
Animals 50 Caradina japonica, 15 Poecilia wingei (Endler's livebearer)
Materials Sand, gravel, Flourite, Ordovician era metamorphic rocks from New England
Additional Information CO2: 1 bubble per second 10 hours per day;
Potassium nitrate, potassium sulphate, sodium phosphate, Tropica Master Grow. High phosphate dosage rate. Carbonate hardness for New York water is virtually zero and no carbonate buffers are ever added to any of our aquaria. No calcium is added either.

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