#26: 530L Biotope Aquascape Tanganyikan rockwall

Jyrki Granath Turtola, Finland

Awards and Comments

First Place
This is really a great tank and how I wish I had it standing in my office. However for a biotope aquarium I don't fancy mixing fish from Tankanyika with plants from Java and thus you don't get a "full house" for this layout.
— Ole Pedersen
I like the look of the rock wall although it seem to be much symetrical. a U shape design is already there; may be making one side bigger than the other will make the layout more apealing.
Plant is such layout are not necesary ( in the tank) congratulations and excellent choice of fish!
The fern doesn't
— Luis Navarro
Very attractive tank with nice rock work and effective lighting. Java ferns are not an appropriate choice for a Tanganyikan biotope however.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 160 × 55 × 60 cm
Title Tanganyikan rockwall
Volume 530L
Background PPI 10 Filter Foam Mat (coloured black by bacteria)
Lighting 2x70W HQI, 12V LED-moonlight for nights
Filtration Self made biological filter in backround, so called "Hamburger mattenfiltter" with three chambers, one Eheim Compact 1000 pump in each chamber.
Plants Java Fern, Java moss, rock algae
Animals Tropheus sp. "Red Moliro", Neolamprologus leleupi, Cyprichromis leptosoma, Julidochromis ornatus, Astatotilapia burtoni, Synodontis perticola.
Materials Self made rockshells. Water conditions: pH 8,5; hardness 9 dGH; conductivity 650uS and temperature 25-26 C.
Additional Information If you are intrested in finding out how I make my stones, please look at my article (sorry, in Finnish):

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