#33: 576L Biotope Aquascape Laos - Nam Theun River

Eric Weggeman Molenhoek, Netherlands

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Voila! Well done indeed. No doubt that this is exactly how Nam Theun looks. However try to imagine the land-water interface of this river. I am sure you would find large patches of Cryptocoryne crispatula (see the article "Cryptocorynes of Nam Lik watershed in TAG earlier this year).
— Ole Pedersen
You did your home work well! tha look of the tank is simple yet is the pefect example of a biotope! Congratulations.
— Luis Navarro
Very nicely done! It's great to see a "real" biotope othe than Rift Lake entered.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 160 × 60 × 60 cm
Title Laos - Nam Theun River
Volume 576L
Background The background is constructed of styrofoam and Poly Urethane foam (PUR), finished with epoxy resin and pigments, covered with sand.
Lighting 3 58W high output TL's:
1 Sylvania Aquastar;
1 Sylvania Plant Color
1 Sylvania Brilliant Daylight
Filtration Eheim Classic Series 2117,
1,000 liters/hour,
filter substrate: ceramic pipes, green filter cotton (rough filtration), peat, white filter cotton (fine filtration).
Animals 7 barbus altus (Thailand tinfoil barb), 5 barbus lateristriga (spanner barb), 1 epalzeorhynchus kallopterus (flying fox), 1 gyrinocheilus pennocki (spotted algea eater), wild caught.
Materials The wood is natural, fixed in position with PUR. All rocks are natural.
Additional Information The combination of fish makes this Biotope the location where a smaller tributary (b. lateristriga and e. kallopterus) enters into the main stream of the Nam Theun River (b. altus, g. pennocki).
All fish are fully grown adults, but for the g. pennocki.
There are no plants present, since even though these fish are omnivorous, they prefer vegetable food.

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