#31: 65L Aquatic Garden The Two Towers

Chan Yuk Lun, Alan Western District, Hong Kong


This is a nice tank with well grown plants. It would benefit from some variety of leaf shape and texture however as the growth habit of many of the plants is very similar. It would also improve the design if the plants were arranged and trimmed into more distinct groups
— Karen Randall
I have seen your work before and I have always enjoyed! Those of you who have worked with stem plants know who important the timing is when it comes to trimming the plants.
The use of color and leaves shape is good congratulations.
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title The Two Towers
Volume 65L
Lighting ADA GREEN GROW/604(20W x 4pcs)
Filtration Eheim professional II 2028
Plants 1.Ammannia multiflora
2.Bacopa sp.
3.Blyxa japonica
4.Didiplis diandra
5.Echinodorus tenellus
6.Eleocharis parvula
7.Hemianthus callitrichoides
8.Ludwigia brevipes
9.Nesaea crassicaulis
10.Rotala macrandra 'Narrow-leaf'
11.Rotala nanjean
12.Rotala rotundifolia
13.Rotala spec. 'Green'
Animals •Inpaichthys kerri
•Crossocheilus siamensis
•Otocinclus sp.
Materials • ADA Aqua Soil AMAZONIA
• Power Sand Special
• ADA Penac W
• Driftwood

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