#34: 9L Aquatic Garden Relax

Chun-Chang Chen Taichung City, Taiwan


I love Anubias! nice little design.
— Luis Navarro
Lovely little tank with the Anubias nicely arranged and in SPARKLING health! This tank may not have the "glitz" of some of the others but it is a gem to enjoy and not have to fuss over. Very nicely done.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 24 × 16 × 24 cm
Title Relax
Volume 9L
Background black paper
Lighting 5W PL light x1
Filtration air pump and undersoil
Plants Anubias bareri caladiitolia
Animals Catfish (x1) and shrimp (x5)
Materials driftwood
Additional Information DIY cooler by thermoelectric cooling modules
Light 12h/day, feed piece/3 day, change water 1/2 total per week, temperature 26C. This is a very simple aquatic garden, but it can relax our mind.

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