#64: 10L Aquatic Garden None

Robert Y.C. Lau Honolulu, United States


I like the concept and I personaly think that just the Anubias spp. need more tlc or be removed.
The fish is I think too big ( for the layout )
— Luis Navarro
Pleasant tank but your Anubias looks to either be new or struggling. Size-wise the Sag is OK but it looks coarse next to the Eleocharis. A plant with a different leaf texture and/or color might have worked better. Those who know me know that I hate white fish. I'd prefer to see a lovely blue or red betta enjoying this lovely home!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 18 × 19 cm
Title None
Volume 10L
Background blue
Lighting 13 watt compact fluorescent
Filtration none
Plants Dwarf hairgrass,Dwarf Sagittaria and Dwarf Anubian Nana.
Animals Betta
Materials Asian driftwood.
Additional Information no Co2 used, substrates(Flora Base) water changes weekly 90% light on for 6 hours daily.

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