#72: 76L Aquatic Garden Spring Breeze

Jojo Raquel Honolulu, United States


This tank lives up to it's name. It has a light airy feeling that is very appealing. This is a case where using plants that are almost exactly the same color but have very different textures has worked beautifully. I also like your choice of fish. It's a shame that you were not able to either hide the equipment or pull it for the photos.
— Karen Randall
I really like your tank the plants are haelthy and the Riccia spp. carpet well gromed! The Cypherus helferii in the back looks very nice but is also too close to the front and is almost erasing the driftwood out of your layout.
— Luis Navarro

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 36 × 36 cm
Title Spring Breeze
Volume 76L
Background black background
Lighting Jalli 2X55w (7100K)
Filtration Fluval 204
Plants Riccia,Cypherus helferi, Micranthemum micranthemodies
Animals Longfin white clouds
Materials aquatic pond soil, malaysian driftwood
Additional Information pressurized CO2 2 bps.

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