#24: 416L Biotope Aquascape Tanganyika Corner

Herbert Hui Vancouver, Canada


Very attractive. I like the monochromatic look.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 46 × 51 cm
Title Tanganyika Corner
Volume 416L
Background 1mm navy blue vinyl-ish foam
Lighting 2 24watts 36" All-Glass stock hood and lights
Filtration eheim prof-II 2026 and 2028
Animals 5 Cyphotilapia Frontosa (Burundi variant)
Materials sanded feather rocks, and silica sand
Additional Information An Aqua-Clear 500 filter with surface skimmer to remove any surface film. Tank has been set up with this exact same rock layout since 2003. There were nine young adults; and numerous spawns had taken place in this setup. The adults had outgrown this tank. Only the original beta male and four offsprings from the alpha male are being kept currently.

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