#93: 468L Biotope Aquascape BURDUR LAKE BIOTYPE

Murat Sağdıç Burdur, Turkey


It looks like you have done your homework and presented a very correct biotope. Now see if you can arrange your materials in a little more aesthetically pleasing manner!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 60 × 60 cm
Volume 468L
Background Black Filigreed
Lighting 4 Unit Fluorescent Light (36 watt)
Filtration External Filter (Tetra-tech 1200)
Plants No plant (The habitat of the lake is unfit for living any plants, so there are no plants in Burdur Lake.)
Animals 35 Aphanius Burduricus, 20 Burduricus fries
Materials Sand, Grit, Small Rocks, Big Rocks, Calcareous Rocks, Woods, Mop
Additional Information Aquarium complately was decorated by Burdur Lake metarials. Lake seaside was adapted to the aquarium. My fishs is an F0, they were adapted to the fresh water (aquarium) from the lake water. The PH KH GH degree of the lake water is so high. And lake water is salty 15 per thousand. And the fishes nearly die out. And they was firstly breeding. Because, Algler are used as a feed, there is no allowed for spread of it. 20 hundred per cent of water is renewed and added a salt a thousand per cent, once in two weeks

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