#55: 95L Paludarium Edge of Eden

Cynthia Goetsch Shawano, United States


I have mixed feelings on this tank. On one hand it reminds me of an reptile exhibit at the zoo but on the other hand it feels like the harmony was lost with too many plant species with no development between them.
— Tony Gomez
Nice start to your planting but it needs some time to mature.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 24 × 12 × 20 cm
Title Edge of Eden
Volume 95L
Background DIY rock/coconut bark wall w/drip waterfall
Lighting 120 Watts screw-in compact fluorescents
Filtration Zoo med 501 turtle filter
Plants Terrestrial: Anthurium, Chlorophyum Vittatum, Chamaedorea elegans bella, Hedera helix, Button Fern, Fairy fern, 1 unknown
Aquatic: Naja Guadalupe, Assorted Cryptocoryne, Microsorum Pteropus 'narrow', Lemna Minor,Ophiopogon japonica
Animals 2 green anoles, 2 Firebelly toads, 2 green tree frogs, 12 white clouds
Materials African root-wood, pea gravel substrate, grapevine, limestone

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