#100: 182L Aquatic Garden Frozen in Time

Michael G.W. Wong Hong Kong, China

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Your use of structure and simple plantings is very effective. The simplicity of nature expressed by this aquascape is refreshing.
— Phil Edwards
Very interesting creative display. Great wood and I LOVE the reflections!
— Karen Randall
Breathtaking layout! The positioning/selection of the wood creates an amazing impression!! I can imagine it was very challenging to fill the substrate with plants that would fill the area but not take away from the effect of the wood.

Nicely done!
— Jason Baliban
Beautiful layout! The placement of the wood is very impressive and the tank has a floating feel to it with the way the rasboras are swimming at the top. Nicely done!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Frozen in Time
Volume 182L
Lighting T5HO 39W x 6 (9 hours/day)
Filtration Tetra EX120 Canister Filter, PowerHead 30 Undergravel System
Plants 1) Hygrophila sp from Belem, 2) Microsorum Pteropus sp 'Needle Leaf', 3) Pellia sp, 4) Echinodorus sp, 5) Pogostemon Helferi
Animals Lambchop Rasbora, Amano Shrimp, Super Red Cherry Shrimp, Dwarf Pleco, Otocinclus
Materials ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia II, ADA Sarawak Sand, ADA Powersand, ADA Bacter 100, ADA Clear Super, ADA Tourmaline BC, Penac P, Penac W, Driftwood
Additional Information Tropica AquaCare Plant Nutrient, Seachem Potassium, Seachem Flourish Trace, Ferka Bottom Fertilizers..... 150g Water Softener Resin added into filter (replaced every four weeks)..... Pressurized CO2 System (9 Hours per day) 2 bubbles per second

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