#86: 110L Aquatic Garden Song Feng Ting Yin《松风听音》

Dongliang Miao Suzhou, China

Awards and Comments

Third Place
The balance of color texture and space in this aquascape is phenomenal. Even though the large rock pulls the eye toward the center the Ludwigia on the right is an effective counter to maintain visual tension.
— Phil Edwards
Very pretty complex work. Well done!
— Karen Randall
I love the placement of the moss on the rocks. The texture is perfect. Beautiful choice of fish.

The repens demands the attention of my eyes a little too much.
— Jason Baliban
A breathtaking aquascape! The soft colors of the repens in the tank and the contrasting stem plants in the back really set this tank apart. Good job!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 41 × 45 cm
Title Song Feng Ting Yin《松风听音》
Volume 110L
Lighting 75W HQIX1
Filtration Outer FilterX1 800L/H
Plants >Utricularia graminifolia和叶挖耳
>Rotala nanjenshan南仁杉
>Ludwigia palustrisXrepens.丁香叶底红
>Rotala sp."araguaia"红色小圆叶
>Riccardia chamedryfolia珊瑚莫丝
>Ranumculus papulentus var.tropica鹿角矮珍珠
>Eleocharis parvula牛毛氈
>Lilaeopsis brasiliensis南美草皮
Animals >Hyphessobrycon robertsi粉红旗
Materials ADA Amazonia

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