#110: 81L Biotope Aquascape Malay Peninsula stream

Pawel Piotrowski Warszawa, Poland


I like this aquarium a lot. You've used some of my favorite SE Asian species to set up an attractive planted tank. It also appears you've taken time to research suitable species. Unfortunately the aquarium appears recently set up and that takes away from the natural impression. Please re-enter this aquarium next year after things have filled in.
— Phil Edwards
While you have used species that come from the same area it would be unlikely to find this many species in such a small area. It would also be unlikely to find C. cordata which like shaded areas mixed in with C. crispatula which is more often found in sunny areas. C. crispatula is adapted to areas with fairly strong water movement as well.
— Karen Randall
A nice attempt at a Malay stream. However the plants chosen are usually not seen together. Do some additional research regarding location of the plants within the stream.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 45 cm
Title Malay Peninsula stream
Volume 81L
Background 3D root background
Lighting Arcadia Original Tropical 15 W,
Arcadia Fresh Water 15 W
Filtration Tetra Tec Ex600
Plants Cryptocoryne crispatula,
Cryptocoryne cordata,
Hygrophila thailand
Animals Rasbora heteromorpha,
Barbus pentazona,
Pangio kuhlii,
Trichopsis vittatus,
Crossocheilus siamensis
Materials fine gravel
Additional Information This layout was designed to simulate a small sluggish stream from Malay Peninsula. Many plants makes hiding places for fish. First plan without plants make some space to swim.
Substrate was compromise between sugar-fine sand and thick gravel. Fine gravel with fertilizer (Tropica Plant Substrate) under, was used to promote plant growth.

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