#49: 88L Biotope Aquascape: Biotope Aquarium river Ticino
Andrea Perotti, Somma Lombardo Varese Italy | Aquascaper Website
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
74 x 34 x 35 cm (29 x 13 x 14 in)
88L (23 gallons)
Black card sticker
Nr. 3 neon T8 Philips TLD 865 series
External filter handmade
Additional Information
No fertilizazion and no CO2 dispenser system. The partial water changes are made with water from the river Ticino. The river Ticino born in Switzerland and runs over 100 km in North Italian territory.
Biotope Aquarium river Ticino
Potamogeton lucens, Vallisneria "italiana", Elodea densa, Lemna minor
Fishes: nr. 7 Alburnus alburnus, nr. 5 young Rutilus aula, nr. 1 Padogobius martensii. Snails: Viviparus viviparus, Lymnaea auricularia, Gyraulus sp., Potamopyrgus sp. Bivalves: Corbicula fluminea, Corbicula fluminalis, Unio sp.
Prodac Fertil Plant covered with 20 kg of crop in the Ticino river bottom (sand and gravel). All the rocks and the driftwood (and the water and the leaves and the plants and the animals too) I've taked in the river Ticino.