#119: 300L Biotope Aquascape „The Tanganyika Project“

Mladen Cvetko Zagreb, Croatia


Interesting looking aquarium. The stones themselves look natural but the arrangement seems contrived. The fish are showing well in the photos and look happy. Whatever you're doing keep it up.
— Phil Edwards
Very attractive. I like that you've created a rock wall to give your fish plenty of hiding places and territories and still left a good-sized sand area for your bottom dwellers. The tank gives the impression of being much larger than its actual size.
— Karen Randall
Very cool representation of a Tanganyika biotope. The size of this tank is very deceptive and seem much larger than it actually is. Very nice!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 40 × 50 cm
Title „The Tanganyika Project“
Volume 300L
Background DIY styrofoam and stone background
Lighting 2 x T5 Sylvian aquastar 39 wats, DIY moonlight
Filtration Sera fil 1100 L/h with Fluval surface skimmer, Wave Maker (JVP-101) 3200 L/h
Plants None
Animals Cyprichromis leptosoma utinta, Paracyprichromis nigripinnis „Chituta Bay“ Blue neon, Xenotilapia melanogenys „Zambia“ F1
Materials Quartz sand, local mountain and river rocks.
Additional Information The aquarium was started at September 08. „The Tanganyika Project“ was completely established in DIY version (stand, tank, cover, lightning, background). The rate of water changes is once a week about 30%. New water is prepared with Sera Aquatan, and a few days after, Nutrafin African Cichlid Conditioner is added. Once a month Waterlife 8.3 Buffer is also added.
I use Hai Feng, Tropical leaf food, Easy Fish Artemia, and Fa HUML Cyclops food. Xenotalapias and Leptosomas has a few time their spawn. They care about their youngs by their own. For awhile, I was experimenting with a number combinations, untill, finally, I found out the right combination of mouth-carriers.

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