#141: 320L Biotope Aquascape A Place for Altum Angel

Jeffrey Senske Houston, United States


I think everyone would agree that this is a stunning aquarium and is clearly a good habitat for the fish. The fins on the Altums look long and healthy a sign of proper care and a properly designed home. Sadly the clarity of the water and artistic arrangement of the wood creates a contrived rather than biotope-natural impression. I'm reminded of the quote "...Only the artifice of human hands can attain such beauty." from Nature Aquarium World #1. This natural aquarium is a perfect example of those words.
— Phil Edwards
While your tank is very attractive it is too stylized and sterile looking.
— Karen Randall
Although this is a very attractive tank it is not truly representative of a biotope that the Altums inhabit. It is still a beautiful tank that should be enjoyed!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 60 cm
Title A Place for Altum Angel
Volume 320L
Background n/a
Lighting 2- Aqua Design Amano SOLAR I 150 watt HQI halogen
Filtration Eheim Professional III
Animals 7- Altum Angel, approx. 20 Rummy nose tetra, 6- wild caught blue ram, 5- Corydoras sterbai
Materials Driftwood (origin unknown), Carib-Sea Torpedo Beach sand, ADA Forest Sand BRANCO

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