#158: 230L Biotope Aquascape MomonBlues

Chris Chiras Arta, Greece


I really like this biotope. The sparse floating plants and cloudy water works well with the wood to give a very natural impression. You've also chosen a tank with good dimensions for your angels. Kudos!
— Phil Edwards
While this might be a fairly accurate representation of an angel biotope it's not very attractive. Worse I am concerned by the cloudiness in the water. While tannin stained water would be correct in the small enclosed area of an aquarium I am afraid that this cloudiness is evidence of instability that has caused an algae bloom.
— Karen Randall
A good representation of an angelfish biotope. The branches and stumps depict the habitat pretty good but the cloudiness of the water is something not seen in the wild. Polish the water and you'll have an accurate and thriving biotope! Good job.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 43 × 65 cm
Title MomonBlues
Volume 230L
Background Dark blue-black paper
Lighting Fluorescent lamps (T8) 3 x 25W
Filtration Hydor Prime 20 (biological filtration and peat), Sicce Shark ADV 800 (mechanical filtration)
Plants Pista stratiotes, Terminalia catappa
Animals School of Peruvian 'Rio Momon' Scalare (~5 months old)
Materials White sand, driftwood
Additional Information Temperature:28, PH:6.5 GH:4, KH:2

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