#177: 2600L Biotope Aquascape Mbuna Warzone

Jesper Juul Taustrup Ryomgård, Denmark


Again the aquarist has successfully pulled off a strong Rift Lake entry with his aquarium. Unfortunately I don't know enough about Mbuna to know if these fish would actually be found living together in the wild. The use of fish from different collection locations "reefs" would seem to dictate that they're not. However it's a good generic Mbuna habitat and a striking aquarium. I'm particularly fond of the biofilm on the rocks it enhances the natural appearance of the tank.
— Phil Edwards
Lovely Malawi reef style tank.
— Karen Randall
Wow! That's an impressive tank and very well designed to represent a Malawi biotope. Nicely done.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 180 × 70 cm
Title Mbuna Warzone
Volume 2600L
Background Back to Nature : Malawi Background + 24 moduls
Lighting 2 x T5 ocean white and 3 x T5 Blue light
Filtration 450 lites tank with HMF filter material driven by two Powerheads one 2000 l/h and the second on 3000 L/h
Plants none
Animals 10,24 Pseudotropheus saulosi "Taiwanee reef"
4,16 Metriaclima estherae "Minos reef"
4,12 Metriaclima pyrsonotos "Nakantenga"
Materials Beach sand and Japanese rocks.

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