#175: 1200L Biotope Aquascape Lago Cuipeua Biotope

Nidal Rezek Koridallos, Greece


Another simple and simply beautiful discus biotope. It looks like you've got a couple Heckels in there as well. The fish look to be in good health and have plenty of room to roam. The one thing that bothers me about this aquarium is the terrestrial species sitting underwater. Your fish and the plants will be better off with just the roots submerged.
— Phil Edwards
Beautiful Discus biotope.
— Karen Randall
A beautiful tank for the discus. I believe from the literature that the LAgo Cuipeia habitat is similar to your representation but the inclusion of leaf litter would make the tank more accurate. Nice tank!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 70 × 90 cm
Title Lago Cuipeua Biotope
Volume 1200L
Background The back of the aquarium is painted in deep brown color.
Lighting 4*54W T5 above the tank.
Filtration A 350lt sump filter full of biological material.
Plants Floating Philodendron sp.
Animals 12 Wild Caught Symphysodon Haraldi from Alenquer -Brazil Region.
Materials White fine sand, Driftwood and very few Rocks.

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