#193: 145L Biotope Aquascape South American Blackwater Creek

Cagatay Aydin Istanbul, Turkey


This aquarium would have been better off being entered as an Aquatic Garden. While the fish are cetainly South American; the moss isn't and the hardscape arrangement doesn't appear natural at all.
— Phil Edwards
You wouldn't find this moss in a blackwater area. The water would be darker colored as well. Mesonautus festivum typically hang out in areas with lots of submerged wood to hide among. They are often found in the same biotopes as angelfish.
— Karen Randall
The moss is not found in blackwater creeks as their ability to survive is poor in highly acidic conditions. Although your festivus are beautiful they are often found in densely wooded areas along with angelfish and other smaller tetras and such.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 40 × 45 cm
Title South American Blackwater Creek
Volume 145L
Background Self-adhesive black background
Lighting 2 X 18W Daylight fluorescents,
1 X 80W Spot light
Filtration Tetratec EX-700
Plants Vesicularia dubyana ''Christmas''
Animals Mesonauta festivus X 2,Hemigrammus bleheri X 4
Materials Driftwoods X 7,Coconut shells X 2,Fine gravel
Additional Information Water parameters: T:28°C, pH:6

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