#213: 180L Aquatic Garden Paracheirodon´s garden

Fabiano Marcos Gobbo Ponta Grossa, Brazil


Oh very nice! Lovely flowing lines beautiful plant choices and impeccable trimming and maintenence!
— Karen Randall
Beautiful tank with some nice use of different shapes and shades of color for the aquascape. A little shaping of the bunches of stems in the back would claen up and make the lines of the plants flow better. Very nicely done!
— Bailin Shaw
Wow!! This layout has fantastic examples of all the plants you used. Top notch growth!
— Jason Baliban

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 45 cm
Title Paracheirodon´s garden
Volume 180L
Lighting 4x 55w (220w total)7200k
Filtration Jebo Canister
Plants 1.Anubia barteri var. nana; 2.Blyxa aubertii; 3..Didiplis diandra; 4..Eleocharis minima; 5.Hemianthus callitrichoides; 6.Hemianthus micranthemoides; 7.Heteranthera zosterifolia; 8. Ludwigia arcuata; 9.Ludwigia inclinata; 10.Micranthemum umbrosum; 11.Microsorium pteropus "Windelow"; 12.Nymphaea lotus ”Zenkeri”; 13.Rotala sp. green; 14.Rotala sp. "vietnã";: 15.Sagittaria subulata; 16.Vesicularia dubyana; 17.Vesicularia montagnei;
Animals Neritina natalensis; Paracheirodon axelrodi;
Materials Driftwood, rocks and sand. Tropica PlantSubstrate and Prodac FertilPlant

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