#24: 182L Aquatic Garden Sound of the Heaven

Eric Cheng Chi Fai KLN, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


This is a bright and cheerful aquarium. Looking at it gives me a smile.
— Phil Edwards
Lush attractive tank. Could be a bit better with a little better definition between planting groups. The species seem to run right into each other.
— Karen Randall
Very pretty layout. Nice selection of plants and fish.
— Jason Baliban
Very nice aquascape. The plants need to be delineated more to improve the tank. Nicely done.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Sound of the Heaven
Volume 182L
Background In white
Lighting Arcadia T8 30watt x 4
Filtration Eleim Professional II 2028
Plants Rotala Wallichii / Polygonum Sp / Rotala Rotundifolia / Bolbitis Heudelotil / Microsorium Sp / Ranunculus Papulentus "Mellville" / Echinodorus Tenellus / Eleocharis Sp / Rotala Sp / Hygrophila Sp / Ludwigia Brevipes / Rotala Rotundifolia / Fissidens Japonicus / Vesiculaia Montagne
Animals Cardinal Tetra / Caridina Japonica / Otocinclus Affimis / Siumese Algae Eater
Materials Driftwood, Yamaya rocks
Additional Information ADA solid Amazonia / Seachem Trace / Seachem Iron / ADA Green Brighty Special Lights

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