#221: 151L Aquatic Garden Octopus Garden

Robert Yueng Chung Lau Honolulu, United States


Tank looks healthy but there is no clear focus to the aquascape.
— Karen Randall
Nice healthy looking tank. Try to separate the planting to two sides to give it a more distinct lines. Crinum in the front needs to be moved as it overpowers the front of the tank. Good start.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 38 × 41 cm
Title Octopus Garden
Volume 151L
Background No background
Lighting Shin Mao 39W x6 T5
Filtration Fluval Fx5
Plants 1. Aponogeton crispus, 2. Rotala indica, 3. Anubias nana petite, 4. Cryptocoryne sp., 5. Java Moss, 6. Crinum natans, 7. Hygrophila sp., 8. HC
Animals White fin tetra x6, Black phantom tetra x6, Otocinclus x10, Panda cory x 8, Albino l/f pleco x1, Harlequin Raspbora x8, Beckford Pencilfish x10, Apistogramma borelli 1 pr.
Materials Substrate/ florabase, Potting mix, Laterite, Decorative material Rocks (Jasper)
Additional Information Pressurizer CO2, 80% Weekly Water Changes.

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