#53: 150L Aquatic Garden Dancing flames

Enrico Serena Mazzano - BS, Italy


Lovely background for your Serpaes! I love the tank until we get to the E. vivipara in the back. I understand that you are trying to create some negative space and it is properly set at 1/3 but it is so abrupt that it really pulls the eye away from the fine work you have done in front. This is a hard plant to use in this manner. With stem plants you could trim them into a slope towed the open area. With the Eleocharis the only thing I think you might try is varying the depth of the plants so that they are not in such a straght line across the back... perhaps curving them further forward toward the edges of the tank.
— Karen Randall
I really like the right side of this layout. I think the grouping or rocks is done nicely.
— Jason Baliban
A very nice aquascape. The foreground and midground of the tank are nicely done but the background use of the E. vivapara doesn't really work as a background and needs to be blended into the midground better.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 75 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Dancing flames
Volume 150L
Background Gray cardboard
Lighting HQI 1 x ADA NA Lamp MH 150W "Green"
Filtration Askoll Pratiko 300
Plants 1) Glossostigma Elatinoides, 2) Riccia Fluitans, 3) Echinodorus Tenellus, 4) Blixa Japonica, 5) Eleocharis Acicularis, 6) Eleocharis Vivipara
Animals Hyphessobrycon Serpae, Otocinclus Affinis; Caridina Japonica
Materials Substrate: ADA Power Sand Special and ADA Amazonas II. Rocks: Dragon stones
Additional Information Fertilization: ADA Step 2, ADA Brighty K, ADA Eca, ADA Green Bacter, ADA Green Gain, ADA Phyton Git.
CO2: 3 bubbles/sec.

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