#50: 130L Aquatic Garden Experiment with care

Andrea Perotti Somma Lombardo, Italy


Your basic rockwork isn't bad though I would replace the large one on the right with a stone with character more in keeping with the others. However the plants have completely overgrown most of your hardscape. You need either stronger hardscape or lighter plants that allow the rockwork to show.
— Karen Randall
A nice start to your tank. The plants need to be pruned as they now over power the your hardscape. Add some different stem plants with more color to the back of the tank.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 84 × 35 × 44 cm
Title Experiment with care
Volume 130L
Lighting 1 neon T8 18 watt Philips TLD 865 series + 1 neon T8 18 watt InterPet triplus reflector
Filtration Prodac "External 1".
Plants Bolbitis heudelotii, Microsorum pteropus "narrow leaves", Microsorum pteropus "windelove", Anubias bartheri "bonsai", Anubias bartheri "nana", Echinodorus tenellus, Rotala rotundifolia, Cryptocoryne wendtii "green", Cryptocoryne wendtii "brown", Cryptocoryne x willisii, Sagittaria platyphylla, Vesicularia dubyana, Marsilea sp., Elodea densa, Microsorum pteropus "narrow".
Animals nr. 16 Hyphessobrycon eos,
nr. 3 Hemigrammus armstrongi,
nr. 3 Otocinclus vittatus,
nr. 1 Hisonotus leucofrenatus,
many Neocaridina heteropoda,
nr. 2 Clithon corona,
nr. 1 Teodoxus sp.,
Melanoides sp.,
Lymnaea sp.,
Physa marmorata.
Materials Prodac Fertil Plant covered with gravel Prodac.
North italian natural rocks, some little driftwoods.
Additional Information Fertilization with Prodac "pick-up".
Dispenser CO2 Prodac "CO2 Easy System".

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