#68: 103L Aquatic Garden Just Like A Cool Breeze

Shuqi HE Fuzhou, China

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
This aquarium reminds me of one of my favorite tv chefs. Simple ingredients prepared well makes a good dish. This is the aquarium version of that adage.
— Phil Edwards
Lovely aquascape that has been designed and developed with a high degree of expertise.
— Karen Randall
An impressive tank using only a few basic plants. Very nice!
— Bailin Shaw
Nice serene layout.
— Jason Baliban

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 68 × 40 × 38 cm
Title Just Like A Cool Breeze
Volume 103L
Plants Cryptocoryne wendtii Bilbitis heudelottii Microsorium pteropus Vesicularia antipyetica Vallisneria nana
Animals Rasbora heteromorpha Otocinclus affinis Crossocheilus cobitis Marisa cornuarietis
Additional Information After making a basic frame with driftwood, I use a lot of green water plants to create a sense of lush green summer, wild Vesicularia antipyetica to express the endless expansion of life, drifting Vallisneria nana and sparkling ripples to set off the whirling shadow of the daylight and lively Rasbora heteromorpha to stand for the bloom of life. Finally, with a random decoration of white sand, I wonder to bring out a scene of strong contrast between green plants and the white sand. Then the color of green may be more obvious and thicker. Of course, the mere expression of the beauty of summer is not the essence of this work. As mentioned above, all the words such as lush, blooming and so on which are in association with summer reflect the profound power hidden behind it –we understand it as the power of life. It comes and scatters quietly with the wind, subtly infiltrates and keenly affects everyone who lives in summer. In this condition, the life outbreaks and blooms, which we can not even obstruct. So here comes the poem:- When the first ray of a cool breeze ripples the surface of the lake, I heard the rhythm of Pipa melodiously. You come and go quietly, just like the intangible wind in the jungle. With the fragrance of rosemary scattered everywhere, its beauty of that kind would have never faded away... Wish you a comfortable revival of the summer that has gone away by this scene.

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