Aquascape Categories


Once again I'm honored to have the opportunity to judge such a high level Aquascaping Contest!
Congratulations to all the participants everyone who takes part in this contest helps to improve and develop our beloved hobby!
— Luca Galarraga
Congratulations to all participants of the AGA Aquascaping Contest 2014. A huge honour judging all of these great works and a pleasure to feel the passion in every single work! This hobby brings the world together Let's Scape.
— Oliver Knott
Our contest continues to grow and with it the overall quality of the aquascapes. Congratulations to each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and your vision with us!!!
— Karen Randall
As you begin viewing the entries you will probably notice that a
number disqualifications in the Biotope and Dutch style categories. A
panel of experts pre-judged these aquascapes and determined that they
did not meet the criteria set forth in the contest rules. The contest
committee dislikes disqualifying any tank from the contest. However
given the number of entries and the clearly stated rules we felt
compelled to take this route. If there are questions regarding the
reasons for disqualifying the tanks please feel free to contact one
of our judges or members of our contest committee.
— Bailin Shaw

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