2014 AGA Aquascaping Contest

It is my pleasure to present to you the results of the 2014 AGA International Aquascaping Contest. With another record year of well over 500 aquascapes entered, the judges had a difficult time picking their favorites.

New to this year was the addition of the Dutch style aquascapes, a category that the AGA is excited about developing for future contests. Although there weren’t as many aquascapes entered into the category compared to other categories, we’re hoping that the word spreads and we have an outstanding turnout for next year’s contest. We would like to thank Marco Aukes from the Netherlands for lending his technical expertise and helping to judge the Dutch aquascape category. We hope to have him back for future contests!

The AGA Contest Committee would also like to thank our esteemed judges, Karen Randall (USA), Oliver Knott (Germany), Kam Wong (Hong Kong), and Luca Galarraga (Brazil). Also we would like to thank the members of our Biotope Committee, Karen Randall, Phil Edwards, and Scott Dowd, Senior Freshwater Aquarist of the New England Aquarium. Without their hard work, the contest would not be the success it was this year.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our corporate supporters for this year’s contest, Seachem Laboratories, Reef2Rainforest (Amazonas Magazine), and Brightwell Aquatics. Their support has made the contest a success again this year and the contest could not happen without their generosity. Thank you!

We would also like to acknowledge Evan Wright, who again designed this year’s contest graphics. And finally, we thank Erik Olson for his tremendous efforts behind the scenes, ensuring that the website functioned properly for the contest and judging and for keeping everyone on time and out of trouble.

So, without further delay, enjoy the aquascapes!

Bailin Shaw, Aquascaping Contest Chair