#103: 360L Aquatic Garden Hanasaka Jiisan


Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Good effort. A bit more plants of the left side glass to get rid of the distracting reflection would be much better.
— Kam Wong
I really like the slightly wild look of this tank. It looks very much "planned" wildness. Really nice flow to the wood contrasts nicely with the straight lines of many of the plants.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 50 cm
Title Hanasaka Jiisan
Volume 360L
Lighting 2 * 150 watts HQI ADA lamp
Filtration filter externe 2000 L/H
Plants Cyperus helferi - weeping moss - anubia nana - staurogyne repens- cryptocoryne balansae – cryptocoryne wendtii brown - cryptocoryne petchii – hygrophila hygrophila pinnatifida - hydrocotyle tripartita - hydrocotyle verticilata - microsorum narrow leaf - bolbitis heudelotti - fissidens moss
Animals 30 caridina japonica - 10 hyphessobrycon serpae
Materials New amazonia – mekong sand
Additional Information bottle 2Kg 1 bubble / s - fertilization :PPS pro + Fe

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