#143: 260L Biotope Aquascape Rives du Malebo Pool

Bultel Emmanuel Calais, France


The added pictures make it hard for me to decide how to jduge this. Is it a nature scape that wasmodified simply by adding a few leaves and different background?
— Marco Aukes
Allowing the catalpa leaves to breakdown more would have added to this tank.. Nicely done
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 60 cm
Title Rives du Malebo Pool
Volume 260L
Background Décor de fond d'une vue d'eau sous marine
Lighting 2 tubes t5 54w
Filtration filtre eheim pro3 1000l/h
Plants Anubias barteri var barteri, anubias barteri var nana, anubias barteri var angustifolia, bolbitis heudelotii et crinum calamistratum
Animals 3 Synodontis greshoffi, 12 Phenacogrammus Interruptus, 8 Hemigrammopetersius Caudalis, 3 Pandoton Buchholzi, 10 Atya Gabonensis, 6 alestes longipinis
Materials Gravier et aqualit, roche type seiryu stone, feuille de catapa et une racine.
Additional Information Fertilisation avec du co2 10h/jour à raison de 30 bulles par minutes.

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