#30: 98L Aquatic Garden Valley of the giant trees (sequoias)

Sidney cordeiro da costa Olinda, Brazil


Attention to detail very nice except the filter floss. Should have consistency by using the white sand for better results. Good work.
— Kam Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Valley of the giant trees (sequoias)
Volume 98L
Background wrinkled white background with lighting effect alogena, sunshine
Lighting luminaire Dimax rex 4xt5 and Dimax astroligth 2x pl
Filtration Eheim mod. 2211 Classic 150
Plants Glossostigma elastinoides,staurogyne sp ,hidrocotyle tripartita,eleocharis mínima,eleocharis sp Japan,criptocoryne barketii,hemiantus calitrichoides ,juncus repens,ludwigia repens,taxiphyllum alternans,taxiphillum sp,taxiphillum barbieri
Animals Paracheirodon. Axelrodi. 15 menbers
Materials Substrate Amazônia Mbreda ,black blue Mbreda, sand rever, sandrocks
Additional Information CO2, iron,NPK ,Carbon orgânic

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