#320: 110L Aquatic Garden Meet up the Winds

Serkan ÇETİNKOL Istanbul, Turkey

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
OMG... I feel that I am walking in a forest near the hills. Amazing
— Oliver Knott
At first I thought this was a rock photo background. But when I looked closer I think that I can see water lapping against the rocks and a patina of algae? If this is "real" rock work in the tank it is extremely well done.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 75 × 50 × 40 cm
Title Meet up the Winds
Volume 110L
Background Backlight
Lighting 6x24 watt HO T5 tubes
Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 300 (750lt/h)
Plants Vesicularia montagnei, vesicularia ferriei, Taxiphyllum sp. flame, Taciphyllum barbieri, fissidens fontanus, staurgoyne repens, eleocharis parvula, eleocharis sp. mini, hemianthus callitrichoides 'cuba', micranthemum umbrossum, micranthemum sp. 'monte carlo', hemianthus micranthemoides, anubias petite
Animals Rasbora harlequin, SAE
Materials Black sand, river sand, river rocks, fossil rocks, bunches, varnish
Additional Information Seachem liquid fertilization

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