#404: 243L Aquatic Garden Detian Inspiration

wongsawan wetchasit Bangbuathong, Thailand


Powerful rock work would have been better without the small trees. nicely done.
— Kam Wong

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 45 cm
Title Detian Inspiration
Volume 243L
Background White wall 20 cm. from a tank.
Lighting T5HO54W 10000K * 4 and T5HE 12000K * 2 + T5HE 6300K * 2
Filtration Eheim2217 + Mr.Aqua
Plants Micranthemum sp., Taxyphyllum sp. 'Flame moss', Taxiphyllum sp. 'Mini Pearl', Fissidens fontanus, Brazillian Moss, Riccia sp. 'Dwarf'
Animals 15 of Paracheirodon simulans, 20 of Trigonostigma Heteromorpha, 100 of Neocaridina var 'red', 10 of Caridina japonica, 20 of Horn Snail
Materials Thailand local rocks(Sand Rock).
Additional Information Substrate: Black Earth Premium Normal and Extra Fine + Green base
(Product of Thailand

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