#422: 300L Biotope Aquascape Rio Abacaxis, shore of the lake Lago Glemende

Pawel Nowotko Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Nice job creating the edge of a back water lake. There are definitely aquatic mosses that can be found in these lakes and often floating Pistia as well though they tend to be quite small due to lack of nutrients. As mentioned on another tank I would have preferred the use of leaves that were not so obviously from a temperate genus of tree. Consider beech or almond leaves rather than the oak.

The fact that the water is not particularly dark in your tank doesn't bother me too much. In my experience the clarity and color of water in these lakes changes seasonally (and sometimes daily) based on water level rain run-off etc.
— Karen Randall
Really nice and with great details.
— Marco Aukes
As stated in your description a more tannin stained biotope would have been a more accurate representation. Overall nicely done.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 50 × 60 cm
Title Rio Abacaxis, shore of the lake Lago Glemende
Volume 300L
Background black foil
Lighting 2 bulb T5 - 39W, 24W (Grolux Sylvania - 8500K ,Philips - 6500 Kelvin)
Filtration EHEIM 2075, Aquarium Systems Maxi-Jet PH 900
Plants Pistia stratiotes, Taxiphyllum barbieri
Animals pair Apistogramma sp. wilhelmi (Apistogramma sp. Abacaxis),few Otocinclus affinis
Materials sand with the smallest grain size, wood gathered from nearby woods - oak, alder cones and oak leaves
Additional Information In Brazil. A lago is a small jungle lake and Lago Glemende is connected to the Rio Abacaxis by a small stream. Streams are often deep and can go hundreds of miles into the forest. In the wider parts the stream creates a hidden lakes, wooded and without perceptible current. The water there is very soft, muddy and has a dark brown color. There is not a lot of plants, mostly fallen leaves, decaying plants and wood. Streams are rather poor in fish. There are a few small tetras and dwarf cichlids.

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