#435: 110L Aquatic Garden Central Coast Shire

J. Philip Noble Scotts Valley, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm
Title Central Coast Shire
Volume 110L
Background none
Lighting 4 bulb T5. Each bulb is 24w.

1x 6500k
2x 6700k
1x 10,000k
Filtration This tank is a TruVu All-In-One so filtration is part of the back of this tank's design. Its a three chamber section with water flow going left to right.

first chamber - filter floss
second chamber - carbon
-biomax pellets
third chamber - sponge filter
Plants Anubias
Red Ludwigia
Java moss
tiger lilly
assorted crypts and swords
Animals 17x Celestial Pearl Danio
15x Blue Axelrod Rasbora
2x Rummy nose tetra
5x White cloud minnow
50+ Blue neocaridina heteropoda
2x Amano shrimp
15x Nerite snails (olive & tiger)
Materials 1 large piece of Fiji driftwood and one smaller piece

substrate is Caribsea Floramax
Additional Information This is a low tech set up, just weekly dosing of Flourish Excel.

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