#506: 162L Aquatic Garden Awaiting(盼)

Chen, Han-Hsuan Tainan, Taiwan

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
Trees done nicely a lot of effort on this tank just wish more on the right side for more fluidity. Good job.
— Kam Wong
Wow what a real scenary!
It seems to me that the right side is in deforestation process ... (a little sad!) but even then a GREAT work!
— Luca Galarraga

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 45 × 40 cm
Title Awaiting(盼)
Volume 162L
Background Only White Paper
Lighting Hagan T5 39W *4
Filtration Kotobuki SV9000
Plants Riccardia chamedryfolia.Hemianthus callitrichoides from Cuba.Weeping Moss.Taiwan Moss.Fissidens fontanus.Cryptocoryne parva.Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Animals Rasbora espei
Materials Collect the driftwood and rock from our country. They really did a good job on this layout.
Additional Information I try to create primeval forest land of my impression. Awaiting our polluted environment can come back to the origin mother of nature again!

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